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Specially engineered, the
POREX® e-Reed™ features high-performance capillarity and fragrance diffusion along its' entire length, as well as having a homogeneous porous structure that provides a controlled and reliable rate of fragrance release. Don't confuse these high end reeds with the cheaper natural reeds that clog easily, these reeds allow you to insert and walk away for continual fragragrance diffusion without turning reeds upside down and getting oil over your hands.
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Replacement Porex eReeds (Pkt 8) Replacement Porex eReeds (Pkt 8)

For best results you should replace your each time you replace the fragrance oil in your diffuser. Choose from Black or White.
N.B. We only recommend using the white eReeds with the Jasmine & Geranium and Ylang Ylang & Neroli reed diffusers, as the other fragrances may discolour the white eReeds.

Price: £4.99